Notional image of a SBIRS Missile Warning Satellite built on the new, more resilient LM 2100 Combat Bus™ (illustration by Lockheed Martin).


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Welcome to the U.S Space Force (USSF) Industry Engagements page. Below you will find a list of agencies within USSF and a brief description of their role. If you would like to meet with one of them, please click the corresponding e-mail address. An e-mail will appear for users with e-mail links enabled. Please include the information below in your e-mail. A representative from USSF will contact you to further coordinate your request.
  • Who You Wish to Meet With
  • Name of Your Organization
  • Point of Contact for Your Organization
  • Summary of the Topic You Wish to Discuss
  • Proposed Location for the Meeting (Your Location or Meet at HQ USSF)
  • Desired Outcome of the Meeting
  • Current Support Being Provided to USSF
By e-mailing USSF you confirm that you have read and understand the following statement: The United States Space Force and the Department of Defense are not bound nor are the agencies obligated to follow any recommendations provided nor is the United States Government bound or obligated in any way to give any special considerations.

USSF Executive Staff
Commander, Vice Commander, Executive Director and Command Chief
Provide Command and Control of United States Space Force;  Executes major acquisition recommendations and decisions for space and cyberspace for the Space Force

Directorate of Manpower, Personnel and Services

Provides manpower resource solutions for the command;  Provides services to support all Airmen within the Space Force

Directorate of Integrated Air, Space, Cyberspace and ISR Operations

Integrates space and cyberspace operations with the air, land and maritime domains

Directorate of Logistics, Engineering and Force Protection

Provides sustainment solutions for all cyberspace weapon systems; Coordinates for infrastructure and force protection from the Air Force Installations and Mission Support Center

Directorate of Strategic Plans, Programs, Requirements and Analysis

Coordinates space and cyberspace planning; Analysis of space and cyberspace requirements; Executes program development; develops space and cyberspace policy

I'm not sure which Directorate would be the best match for my topic