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Due to the volume of electronic mail comments and suggestions, we are unable to respond to each submission.

If you have a general military question, please refer to the Department of Defense Frequently Asked Questions page. If your question relates specifically to the Air Force, please see the topic below.

Internship in the Space Force Questions

The Space Force offers full-time paid internships for students currently attending college or who have recently graduated, with hands-on training and available tuition assistance. Please visit the Space Force's Civilian Education page for additional information. Current high school students can apply to the Space Force or Air Force Summer Hire program. For more information visit:

Intel, Cyber and Acquisitions Questions
For questions regarding career field specific questions in the areas of Cyber and Acquisitions. Choose one of the following recipients in the contact form below for your specific questions: Cyber and Space Ops Questions, Acquisitions Questions.

Culture, Mission, Promotions/Development Questions
For questions regarding culture, missions, promotions/development, growth, changes to policy...etc. please choose USSF Headquarters as the recipient in the contact form below.

Personnel Transfer Questions
For questions regarding personnel transfer process, please visit (CAC enabled).  A contact form is located on the lower left side of the site.

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