Reoptimization for Great Power Competition

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Space Force & Air Force announce sweeping changes to maintain superiority amid Great Power Competition

The establishment of the U.S. Space Force was a direct response to threats arising from Great Power Competition in the space domain. Nevertheless, our legacy roots leave us sub-optimized for the security environment confronting us today, and we must finish fine-tuning the service to continue meeting its National Defense Strategy responsibilities

In early 2024, the Department of the Air Force unveiled sweeping plans for reshaping, refocusing, and reoptimizing the Air Force and Space Force to ensure continued supremacy in their respective domains while better posturing the services to deter and, if necessary, prevail in an era of Great Power Competition. Through a series of 24 DAF-wide key decisions, four core areas which demand the Department’s attention will be addressed: Develop People, Generate Readiness, Project Power and Develop Capabilities.

The space domain is no longer benign; it has rapidly become congested and contested.

We must enhance our capabilities, develop Guardians for modern warfare, prepare for the high intensity fight, and strengthen our power projection to thrive and win in this new era of Great Power Competition.


Video by Tech. Sgt. Lance Valencia
Space Force Leadership Short on Great Power Competition - People
Air Force Television Pentagon (SAF/PAI)
March 1, 2024 | 1:57
How does the Space Force reoptimize for Great Power Competition? Chief of Space Operations Gen. Chance Saltzman explains the people aspect of the Space Force and how total force #guardians will play a role in ensuring our nation's military superiority. #reoptimization #DAFGPC
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