Air Force, Space Force to offer medals, promotions for recruiting support

  • Published
  • By SAF/PA Staff Writer
  • Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs
Airmen and Guardians can now receive decorations or promotions through recruiting referrals under the new Airman and Guardian Referral Program (AGRP).
Two new programs, Stellar Talent Acquisition Recruiting Referral, or STARR, and Stripes for Referrals aim to incentivize all Airmen and Guardians to inspire the next generation to serve in the Air Force and Space Force.
STARR authorizes enlisted service members up to senior master sergeant and officers up to lieutenant colonel to receive up to two Air and Space Achievement Medals for referring three enlisted accessions applicants who depart for basic military training.
Additionally, any enlisted member, or officer up to colonel, may receive the Air and Space Commendation Medal for referring five enlisted accessions applicants who depart for basic military training.
Stripes for Referrals allows Airman and Guardian recruits to be promoted up to E-2 by referring two enlisted accessions candidates, or to E-3 by referring four enlisted accessions candidates who join the Delayed Entry Program or Delayed Entry Training.
Applications must be submitted through the Aim High application to qualify for the Air and Space Achievement and Commendation Medals. All users must create an account and input needed information in the ‘Refer a Friend’ portion of the app in order to receive credit for valid referrals.
In March, the Department of the Air Force launched a Barriers to Service Cross-Functional Team to examine existing policies and procedures to ensure they reflect the service members needed for the future. The programs announced today are part of this initiative and serve as a cost-effective instrument for referring candidates and increasing enlistments throughout the Department of the Air Force.
More information on the STARR program can be found in DAFMAN 36-2806 and Stripes for Referrals in DAFMAN 36-2032.
To submit referrals via application:
- Download the Aim High Application on your mobile device,
- Create an account using your full, first and last name, and your .mil email address.
- Open the application and look for the three horizonal lines at the bottom right labeled, ‘more’
- Select “more” and scroll to the bottom, and select ‘Refer a Friend’