Mission Complete: GSSAP SV2 transfers to SSC

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt. Hillary Gibson
  • Space Operations Command
Space Operations Command officially transferred ownership of Geosynchronous Space Situational Awareness Program Space Vehicle 2 to Space Systems Command last month after declaring mission complete. 

Having surpassed the end of its design life, ownership of SV2 was transferred to SSC to make way for new more advanced technology in the space domain.

Transferring SV2’s ownership to SSC, exemplifies the mission integration between Space Force field commands while also demonstrating the Space Force’s commitment to managing space assets through the entirety of their lifecycle. This “cradle to grave” approach ensures space remains a safe and sustainable operating domain while simultaneously making room for the next generation of space-based technology and capabilities.
“It has been a longstanding policy of the US to promote safe, responsible behavior in the space domain for all space faring nations,” said Brig. Gen. Devin R. Pepper, Deputy Commanding General of Operations. “We are working to balance lethality, effectiveness, and survivability to deliver ever evolving capabilities the Joint Force needs to operate in a contested domain and achieve space superiority, which not only protects the Joint Force's access to space capabilities but protects the Joint Force from space-enabled attacks.” 
Launched in 2014, GSSAP SV2 is part of a space-based capability operating in the near-geosynchronous orbit. The GSSAP constellation is dedicated to collecting space domain awareness data allowing for more accurate tracking and characterization of man-made orbiting objects.
“The capabilities provided by GSSAP aid safety and enable avoidance as we operate in space,” said Mr. Mike Anthony, Space Operations Command Mission Area Team Chief. “Space is essential to our security and prosperity and is part of our everyday life. Our ability to operate safely and effectively is not only integral to global interests but is also vital to national defense.”
GSSAP was accepted into operation in September 2015. Two additional launches for GSSAP are slated for 2024 and 2027.
Space Operations Command is the fight-tonight force and first Field Command of the U.S. Space Force. SpOC's mission is to protect America and our Allies in, from, and to space … now and into the future.