Digital Vanguards: 645th Cyberspace Squadron prevents cyber attacks leading to 100% mission success

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Samuel Becker

The 645th Cyberspace Squadron (CYS) is a Delta Six unit supporting Space Systems Command (SSC). They support Space Launch Delta 45 by working closely with intel and other agencies to identify and prevent advanced, persistent threats interfering with launch capabilities.

“We brainstorm potential attack vectors and understand the moves our adversaries might take,” said U.S. Space Force Sgt. Dwight Brown, 645th CYS defensive cyber operations supervisor. “It's a constant process of learning and predicting, allowing us to fortify our defenses."

In response to potential threats, the squadron has significantly reoriented its operational focus.

"Now that we've transitioned to the Space Force, we're adapting to a more defensive cyber operations mindset,” said U.S. Space Force Sgt. Marcoricardo Mercado, 645th CYS defensive cyber operations supervisor. “We're training our guardians to embrace this shift, moving away from a support function to proactively defending our base and mission."

This strategic shift towards proactive defense is vividly illustrated in how the team approaches their launch operations.

“Space launches are a critical period where we monitor for suspicious or malicious actors that could interrupt the launch,” said Brown. “It's about maintaining a heightened state of awareness. We are ready to act at sign of interference by meticulously analyzing the key terrain associated with the launch, leaving nothing to chance."

Attending launch readiness reviews and debriefs before and after launches help maintain this level of awareness.

“Launch readiness reviews ensure that everyone knows whom to contact in the event of unusual occurrences,” said Mercado. “We’re also a part of debriefs at the end of each launch, providing an opportunity for thorough analysis on areas of improvement.”

The diligence and readiness demonstrated during launch operations are mirrored in the deep sense of purpose and pioneering spirit that drives their work.

"There's an incredible reward in my role, knowing I'm on the front lines of protecting the country I love,” said Brown. “We're navigating uncharted territory, pioneers in the realm of cyber defense. It's a unique privilege to serve in a field few truly understand, but plays a crucial role in defending our nation."

As the unseen pioneers in cyber defense, the 645th CYS persistently safeguards our skies and space. Their silent yet steadfast service remains the powerful testament to our nation's enduring security and the future we continue to shape.