STARCOM Hosts First Space Force TACDEVCON

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt. Charles Rivezzo
  • Space Training and Readiness Command Public Affairs
The future of space operations took a step forward, July 26-28, 2023, when Space Training and Readiness Command’s Space Delta 10 hosted the U.S. Space Force’s inaugural Tactics Development Conference (TACDEVCON) at the National Air and Space Intel Center, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.

Drawing a crowd of 240 attendees, the conference aimed to present the previous year's findings from the U.S. Space Force’s Mission Focused Working Groups (MFWGs) and Tactics Improvement Proposals (TIPs) to senior leadership.

U.S. Space Force Col. Jack Fulmer, Delta 10 commander, highlighted TACDEVCON's origins, as the conference evolved from the Air and Space Forces Weapons and Tactics Conference, narrowing its focus to specialized space-related mission areas.

“TACDEVCON provided us a dedicated forum for discussing the advancement of tactics, techniques, and procedures across the Space Force enterprise,” Fulmer said. “It's instrumental in synchronizing the efforts of the mission-focused groups and fosters a hub for groundbreaking ideas and strategic progression.”

Fulmer further elaborated on the uniqueness of the U.S. Space Force's challenges.

“We’re operating in a warfighting domain unlike any previous ones,” he said. “Our success hinges on adapting to these unique conditions.”

The first TACDEVCON resulted in various U.S. Space Force TIPs earmarked for further evaluation, testing, and validation. Also, seven MFWG topics received endorsement for resources and development and will be out-briefed at TACDEVCON 2024.

Emphasizing the conference's collaborative nature, STARCOM leaders described the event as an integrated Space Force initiative, underlining the significance of feedback from Guardians at all levels of the service.

U.S. Space Force Chief Master Sgt. Karmann-Monique Pogue, Delta 10's senior enlisted leader, described the conference as a catalyst for the Space Force, propelling its advancement.

“TACDEVCON channels frontline Guardian insights directly to our senior leadership,” Pogue said. “This streamlined communication and teamwork foster advancements in our tactics development process.”

She added, “The partnerships and connections that we forged here will guide us in addressing the challenges of today and tomorrow as we protect and defend the space domain.”

“During this conference, we united a cadre of Guardians to refine our tactics,” she said. “Collaborative efforts like TACDEVCON, both internally and with our joint, international, commercial, and civil partners, demonstrate our commitment to teamwork. It epitomizes how individual efforts dovetail into broader organizational goals.”

Highlighting Delta 10’s crucial involvement in facilitating TACDEVCON, Fulmer said, “Delta 10 stands as a cornerstone in navigating the intellectual challenges the Space Force faces, underscoring its pivotal role in the service’s trajectory.”