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USSF Awards University Consortium Research Opportunity 2.0

  • Published
  • By SAF/PA Staff Writer
  • Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

The United States Space Force selected two institutions under the University Consortium Research Opportunity 2.0/Space Strategic Technology Institute 1 to facilitate applied research in the areas of Beyond Geostationary Earth Orbit Operations and Space Domain Awareness. 

In partnership with the Air Force Research Laboratory and Universities Space Research Association, USSF has selected the following lead institutions to receive a combined total of $6.4 million dollars: 

  • The Regents of University of Colorado Boulder  
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University  

This opportunity focuses on addressing challenges related to space object tracking beyond geostationary orbit as well as advancing capabilities that can be integrated into current and future USSF space systems. Focus areas for the selected proposals include astrodynamics trajectory design and optimization, sensing, decision making and simulations, and workforce development.  

About University Consortium Research Opportunities (UCRO)  

UCRO is a Space Force managed program that encourages joint applied research, development, and demonstration of key space science and technology challenges by funding a network of partnered universities. The selected teams are required to be comprised of at least three research institution including a lead university, and are encouraged to partner with other universities,

AFRL, DARPA and industry. UCRO facilitates transformational space technology breakthroughs that lead to the advancement and integration with current USSF and other U.S. Government space capabilities. Link here:   

For more information on the USSF University Consortium Research Opportunity program, see here: