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Department of Defense Releases Defense Space Strategy

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Today the Secretary for Defense released the Defense Space Strategy, which identifies how Department of Defense will advance spacepower to be able to compete, deter, and win in a complex security environment characterized by great power competition.

“The Defense Space Strategy is the next step to ensure space superiority and to secure the Nation’s vital interests in space now and in the future,” said Secretary of Defense, Mark T. Esper. “We desire a secure, stable, and accessible space domain that underpins our Nation’s security, prosperity, and scientific achievement. However, our adversaries have made space a warfighting domain and we have to implement enterprise-wide changes to policies, strategies, operations, investments, capabilities, and expertise for this new strategic environment. This strategy identifies a phased approach on how we are going to achieve the desired conditions in space over the next 10 years.”

Through the strategy, DoD will advance spacepower through the pursuit of three objectives: Maintain Space Superiority; Provide Space Support to National, Joint, and Combined Operations; and Ensure Space Stability.

Additionally, the Department will pursue four priority lines of effort to achieve the desired conditions while addressing identified threats, opportunities, and challenges:
1) Build a comprehensive military advantage in space.
2) Integrate military spacepower into national, joint, and combined operations.
3) Shape the strategic environment.
4) Cooperate with allies, partners, industry, and other U.S. Government departments and agencies.

The unclassified summary of the Defense Space Strategy is available here.
A Defense Space Strategy Fact Sheet is also available here.

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