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U.S. Space Force Birthday Letter to Guardians

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  • Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs


    Today we mark the first anniversary of the establishment of the United States Space Force.  Each American armed service traces its origin to a critical moment in our nation’s history.  Our Army, Navy, and Marine Corps were established in the crucible of America’s Revolutionary War. The Air Force became an independent service after the allied victory in World War II and as America prepared to defend freedom in a global Cold War.  Now, with renewed focus on great power competition in an era of indispensable space, we have been called to compete!  We are resolved to ensure America continues to enjoy a stable, secure and accessible space domain to protect the people and interests of the United States and our allies. 

     Our first year has been incredible by any standard.  Looking back, you invented a lean and agile service that unleashed the boldness in our DNA.  Through grassroots efforts, you forged a new Spacepower doctrine, updating the military art and science of space as a warfighting domain.  Knowing that America and its Space Force will never fight alone, you built powerful partnerships with the joint force and other space-faring nations.  And most notably, you became an incubator for change, charting a course to build the first digital service, accelerate innovation, and revolutionize capability development. Making these accomplishments even more impressive, you did this while executing critical missions and taking care of teammates during a global pandemic. 

    You have written the first chapter of our story.  More important than what you wrote is the way you wrote it.  You have established an enduring heritage punctuated by agility, innovation, and boldness.  As we look toward the future, you will be the authors of America’s security, strength, and leadership in freedom’s highest frontier. We thank you and your families for your service, sacrifice, and commitment to the defense of our nation.

                                                                       Happy 1st Birthday and Semper Supra!


                                                                                     Barbara Barrett

                                                                                     Secretary of the Air Force


John W. Raymond                                                                                                                               Roger A. Towberman

General, USSF                                                                                                                                    CMSgt, USSF

Chief of Space Operations                                                                                                                  Senior Enlisted Advisor

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