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Space Force selects more than 900 personnel to transfer FY22

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  • By Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs
The Space Force, working with the Army, Navy and Marine Corps, has selected 670 active-duty service members and 259 civilians to transfer into the Space Force during fiscal year 2022. These volunteers come from the pool of candidates who applied in March 2021 and members who are currently assigned to Army and Navy units slated to transfer into the new service.
These new selects join the initial tranche of 50 selects announced in June 2021 and once transferred into the Space Force, they will account for about seven percent of the service, which totals nearly 13,000 military and civilians today.
“Successfully integrating the units, capabilities and people from Sister Services into the Space Force is critical to our mission and was one of the driving forces in creating the new service,” said Gen. David D. Thompson, Vice Chief of Space Operations. “We look forward to welcoming these Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and civilians into our force and encourage them to apply their experiences and perspectives to help us meet the needs of the Joint Force and shape a unique service culture.”
The Space Force selected an additional 455 uniformed members from the original pool of more than 3,700 officers and enlisted volunteers, and 215 uniformed volunteers and 259 civil service employees currently assigned to the transferring units. 
“Members from the first group of 50 selects have begun executing their transfers and are beta-testing the process for this larger group that will transfer next fiscal year,” said Patricia Mulcahy, Space Force Chief Human Capital Officer. “We’ve also conducted town hall sessions for the civilians who will transfer to provide information and answer questions about their upcoming transition. We are making every effort to ensure all future Guardians feel part of the team from the moment they are identified for transfer.”
Military transfers will be matched to Space Force specialties– space operations, intelligence, cyber, engineering and acquisition – and most will be assigned broadly into Space Force organizations upon transfer. However, military and civilians currently assigned to those units realigning to the Space Force will remain in their current positions at the time those units realign.  

Separate actions will occur in fiscal years ’22 and ’23 to realign additional space missions and units from across the Department of Defense to the Space Force.
The list of the 670 military members selected for transfer can be found in the 'Related Documents' section on the right of this page.
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