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Space Force "Simple Formula to Go Fast in Space Acquisition"

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  • By SAF/PA Staff Writer
  • Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs
Honorable Frank Calvelli, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Space Acquisition and Integration, released a memorandum April 5, outlining the U.S. Space Force’s plan to transform its architecture to a more proliferated and resilient form.

“Today our space systems are increasingly under threat,” Calvelli said. “Strategic competitors want to deny our advantage in space during a potential conflict. Our current space architecture was designed when space was a benign environment. To meet the pacing threat, we are transforming from the few 'big juicy targets' of the past to a more proliferated and resilient architecture that can be counted on during times of crisis and conflict.”

The memorandum underscores the Department of Air Force’s continued intent to rapidly develop, test and field space capabilities based on Hon Calvelli’s nine Space Acquisition Tenets.

The derived formula is as follows:

Build Smaller Systems:
Build smaller satellites and use existing technology to minimize non-recurring engineering in order to shorten development timelines. Acquire ground and software-intensive systems in smaller more manageable pieces that can be delivered faster.

Use Existing Technology, Designs to Minimize Non-Recurring Engineering:
Drive shorter development cycles to achieve quicker solutions.

Drive Contract Scope to Three Years or Less from Start to Launch:
Capitalize on government research and development, industry internal research and development and corporate commercial investments to create new technologies to incorporate into DAF acquisition programs.

Use fixed price contracts
Address program stability by shortening contract timelines to three years or less from authority to proceed to launch.

These four factors will ensure the Space Force can effectively provide mission capabilities faster to warfighters.

To view the memo, click the link here.

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