CSO announces new System Delta prototype to complement new Integrated Mission Deltas

  • Published
  • By SAF/PA Staff Writer
  • Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

The U.S. Space Force will prototype a new System Delta concept to complement and maximize the recently announced provisional Integrated Mission Deltas, which are organized around mission areas (e.g. position, navigation, and timing; electromagnetic warfare) instead of functional ones (e.g. intelligence, operations, cyber effects).

SYDs will consolidate Space Systems Command acquisitions program offices that design, develop, and deliver mission systems under a unified command structure.

“These units will directly complement IMDs by developing, acquiring, and fielding capability that satisfies operational needs,” said Chief of Space Operations Gen. Chance Saltzman in a recent service-wide memo. “Organizing the Space Force so IMDs in [Space Operations Command] have a clear SYD counterpart in SSC will streamline the feedback and focus the reach-back support between capability development and readiness generation.”

The intention of these provisional units is to synchronize the technological advancement of weapon systems with real-time input from operators.

“Our processes must generate the effects our Joint Force needs to successfully implement the [National Defense Strategy] in the face of our pacing threat. That’s what Forging a Purpose-built Space Service is all about,” Saltzman said.

SpOC established the first provisional IMDs for PNT and EW on Oct. 12. Complementary SYDs will be established under SSC in the coming months.

Both the IMD and SYD prototypes were intentionally designed to create unity of command for readiness while streamlining unity of effort; this is essential to the Space Force’s effort to forge a service purposefully built for great power competition.