CMSSF holds first all-call at Peterson SFB

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Jaime Sanchez
  • Space Base Delta 1 Public Affairs
Chief Master Sgt. of the Space Force John F. Bentivegna held an all-call at Peterson Space Force Base, Feb. 28. This was Bentivegna’s first all-call at Space Base Delta 1 since being appointed as the second CMSSF.

Bentivegna opened his all-call by thanking the Airmen in the room and how they enable Guardians to execute their mission.

“You're part of the team,” Bentivenga said. “Whether you are security forces, civil engineering, working in the clinics, force support squadron, finance … it is the power projection platforms that you own, execute and operate that allow the Space Force and the Deltas to get after the mission set.”

Bentivegna emphasized the importance of Guardians, Airmen and civilians understanding their roles in the Space Force and the critical role they play in Reoptimization for Great Power Competition.

“Whether you are enlisted or a civilian, you’re vital and should be connected to the mission set,” Bentivegna said. “The service owes to train you, develop you and challenge you to execute the mission we trained you to do.”

Bentivegna also discussed the importance of improving quality of life issues for service members and their families.

“There are budgets, policies and things we have to work through,” Bentivegna said. “I had the privilege to testify in front of Congress a couple of weeks ago on your behalf, working to ensure that the policymakers and lawmakers understand issues you face, like healthcare, childcare and housing.”

After his brief, Bentivenga held a Q&A session where he engaged with the Guardians, Airmen, and civilians in the audience on various topics like military compensation, career development, the Space Force’s identity with the public and more.

Bentivegna said with the Space Force still growing, it is uniquely positioned to address emerging challenges in the Great Power Competition. Guardians and Airmen should be proud that they will be ones with their skills to lead the Space Force into the future.