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Artist’s rendering of WGS-11+


  • Digital University: Enabling a force for the future

    Maintaining the U.S. Space Force’s strategic advantage in the space domain requires cutting-edge technology, but it also takes a workforce that can effectively and efficiently leverage that technology. To develop its force for the future, the Space Force is working with industry to provide

  • Department of the Air Force WAGGI survey release

    The ‘Where Airmen and Guardians Get Information’ survey provides department leaders and communication professionals with insights on how to provide Airmen and Guardians with relevant information through multiple internal and external sources.

  • DAF to launch myEval in 2022

    Beginning January 2022, the Department of the Air Force will launch a new enlisted and officer evaluation system application, myEvaluation (myEval), to further support ongoing IT and talent management transformations for Total Force Airmen and Guardians.

  • DAF authorizes pass for COVID booster

    Airmen and Guardians who are eligible and elect to receive a booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine are authorized a four-hour pass, or up to four-hours administrative leave for Department of the Air Force civilians.

  • DAF Processes Religious Accommodations Requests

    The Department of the Air Force is processing a number of Religious Accommodation Requests for the COVID-19 vaccine. More than 10,000 requests from across the Total Force have been received, of which approximately 2,100 have been disapproved due to military readiness considerations.     Each request

  • DAF COVID-19 Statistics - Dec. 21, 2021

    Below are current Coronavirus Disease 2019 statistics for Department of the Air Force personnel:  DAF TOTAL STATS*   CASES HOSPITALIZED RECOVERED DEATHS MIL 46,512 23 45,431 6 CIV 14,572 22 14,043 105 DEP 13,031 4 12,699 8 CTR